Barriers are what a psychologist would call a defense mechanism hiding a trauma (or bad memory), acting like a shield trying to prevent you from getting hurt again - but will eventually stop you from evolving and have you live in fear.

Having no barriers means living without any fear and prejudice thus controlling one's own destiny - 100%. And not getting caught up in any drama. Either one's own or others.

Anodyne Havoc

Barriers are imprints of memories that disguise themself as guardians to protect the bearer from pain and memories of all kind of traumas. They hide the "bad things" that has happened and evaluate the world through the filters of opinions - looking for similarities to the initial situation where the imprint was created, to keep the person out of the pain associated with the original trauma. But at the same time, they actually are the drama.

  They keep the holder in a loop forcing him or her to constantly repeat themselves in order to create a false feeling of safety. In a way barriers actually re-plays the drama as a constant reminder of the fear involved in the creation of the initial imprint. The mechanisms behind the barriers are simple and the way to discover them is simple as well. It only takes a close monitoring of your actions - and reactions, along with the courage to face the original trauma. Once a person gets fed up with the situation he or she is facing - it's time to dig in the past. Everybody contain the skills to break barriers and find out how the world looks without them. The Barriers are kept in place by the Guardians of Barriers. This is explained in depth in the book: Tripped Up.



Barriers exist in a cycle where the revolution is made up of irrefutable logical statements that is "required" from you to believe in order to have the barrier "protect" you from the initial trauma. That is called "barrier reasoning". The dialogue starts at the active phase by actively fighting everything that make the pain of the trauma obvious. In psychological terms referred to as "fight or flight" mode. If the barrier is unsuccessful in eliminating the trigger object, it starts to look for triggers in people around, to enroll anyone being perceived as a threat in a drama. Normally we call that "pushing buttons".

  While the original trauma lies buried in the trauma spot - the mind is making the journey past it in a jump that takes the holder from an original preservative opinion: (2) - to a completely opposite opinion: (1) in the dormant phase in a single "avoid-memory jump". That glitch is needed to avoid the memory part from being re-played - thus understood.

  A good way to picture the ability to contain conflicting opinions can be described as the barrier being both the prosecutor and the defence acting from both ends of the cycle. That is why a barrier can't be removed by logic - because the self preservating nature of a barrier actually have set up two conflicting opinions thus giving you no chance of "figuring it out".

  Normally the agitated phase (fight or flight mode) is the most recognized - the hardest part is finding the barrier in the dormant state. It certainly feels like the barrier is gone - but it is playing your mind and presents logical explanations to keep you out of revealing it. Knowing the cycle is the only intellectual way to keep on track while following your memory back to the initial trauma which is in fact the only way of getting rid of it.



Congrats. You've spent your life honing your skills for what's really important in life. Eat this: life is exactly like a combination of shoot'em'up and strategy. Real world is full of obstacles to remove. Thing is they're not outside - they're inside your mind. Hunt them down, shoot them up and get to the next game level.

Behind the Barriers

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