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The quotes form a map of the knowledge about how barriers work and how to discover them. Since every life is different there is no one way to tell how barriers can be removed. However, the key to the removal seems to be buried within the barrier itself. The feeling they evoke is the key back to where they occured.

1. Life is not a war between good and evil. It is a natural dynamic between the barriers and what is behind them. Truth, love, oneness.

2. Barriers are self preserving. They analyse your perception and form your opinions in order to hide and protect themselves from being discovered.

3. This planet isn’t run by neither politicians, religious front figures nor kings. It is run by our barriers. Collectively and individually.

4. Barriers can’t exist without your consent. By observing yourself and recognizing patterns and repetitive behaviour you can identify and ultimately dissolve them.

5. Barriers aim to create drama. If you identify the dramas you constantly end up in - you will find the underlying barrier.

6. You invite persons in your life that have corresponding barriers thus co-creating the dramas.

7. Barriers can only be neutralised by finding the initial trauma and re-live it. Follow the feeling backwards and aim to spot earlier occurrences. At some point you will find the initial situation thus removing the barrier.

8. Nobody’s doing anything to you. You invite to your drama or accept invitations from others. The only reason that you end up playing out dramas over and over again is lack of knowledge about your barriers and lack of incitement (or courage) to face them.

9. Whatever we see a glimpse of behind the barriers some people will refer to as the creator. Whatever force is behind the barriers the only true wish it carries is that you get rid of your barriers.

10. There’s no-one in the world that can neither rob you of a barrier you think you need nor help you remove it. Except you.

11. There are two types of motion when it comes to barriers. Towards the fear which means getting closer to the possibility of getting rid of the barrier or away from the fear which means preserving the barrier.

12. Life is a mirror that reacts to how you perceive it. They way you perceive it is determined by your barriers.

13. If you think there’s something wrong with the world - the only permanent way to make a change is to break your own barriers and tell others how you did.

14. Defend a barrier and you may keep it. Forgive yourself and others for having them. It’s a passing phase.

15. It’s easy to spot most barriers. They are the thoughts you have that say you should abandon trying to find the initial trauma and run instead.

16. Being aware of the barrier is the most important part. While living beside the barriers allowing yourself to feel what the barrier is doing to you will make you find the tool to actually break through.

17. The closer you come to outline or discover a barrier - the more deceitful it will act. It may fleabargain for a partial freedom if you agree to keep “just a tiny bit”.

18. There is no “just a little” barrier. Either you have it or you have gotten rid of it by re-living the initial trauma.

19. It is possible to live beside a barrier while gathering the leverage or courage to revisit the initial drama by refusing to believe the argument it provides. You do that by “flagging” certain behaviours or reactions that create results you no longer want.

20. Everybody will sooner or later break through their barriers. It’s a law of nature.

21. There is always a small step that takes one towards the barrier. It can be your reaction to a “buzzword”, a smell, a sound, a view or something similar. By identifying the triggers of your barrier you can avoid taking that first step that will eventually put you in the barriers active phase.

22. Eventually you will realize you’re not having any obligation to conform to the natural laws of this reality. Limitations are the results of barriers.

23. Re-living a trauma will have you understand the perpetrator since it will become perfectly clear that he or she did it because of the traumas he or she in their turn experienced in their lives. Back to the dawn of time. That's what we call "inherited sin".

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