As there are only two main feelings in life - fear and love (barriers and truth), fear manifests itself as barriers linked to certain situations and traumas set off by triggers. Triggers may be anything from smell to sound or a facial expression depending on the strongest impression during the initial imprint of the barrier. Remember that a barrier may appear to save your life but at the same time will defend itself from you and use whatever trick there is to survive. They can be perceived as entities or “demons” that live a life on their own. Don’t for a second think that a barrier will offer anything beneficial - what they ultimately do are stopping you from becoming transparent, which is your only “real” work on this planet. Well that and having a shitload of fun while doing it.

There are barriers on different levels. The most apparent level is the personal level linked to specific experiences in this and/or previous lives. Another is the group barriers which you inherit by living in a society with certain values, moral etc. More levels are nature laws, biological levels, relation to the earth and the universe and at last the creation behind the creation behind. Everything that can be susceptible in these realm are manifestations of barriers - ie. projections of fears.

Fear shouldn’t be treated as anything shameful or evil. Fear and their disguise (barriers) are the only way out of this trap called human life. They are the maps pointing out where the jobs need to be done. Every barrier exploded will open up an opportunity to experience next and give access to better tools (or more courage to do it). It is the natural way to grow mentally and spiritually. It’s a thing that can be sped up but never forced and one should only tell it to people who ask for it - as it can’t really be evangelized. It can’t be preached or worshipped - only spread to people who need to know. The time to break the barriers is now.


To identify a barrier or an imprinted behaviour you need to monitor your feelings or perceived reactions. Whenever you’re overwhelmed with emotions or told by your inner voice (not to be confused with gut feeling or intuition which speaks a different language) that you have to execute a behaviour which is not entirely based on love (getting back, avoiding, shutting out, fantasize about) it can be assumed to be the emanations of a barrier.

A barrier is a self-contained bubble of constructed logic created automatically by the mind in order to shield the person from earlier experiences like pain, humiliation or fear. Situations the mind can’t make sense of. Each barrier has it’s own shape, taste, smell, colour, placement, body posture etc. and follows it’s own logic merely concentrating on survival of the barrier at whatever cost. The logic is a threadmill of created facts lined up on a imaginary paper roll with a glitch between the start and end covered by the barrier’s inner structure managing the holder to change the fact of the perceived situation to look like the world makes sense when it from an outside observer seems heavily erratic and self contradicting. When a barrier is identified it should be examined by giving it a shape, location in the body, taste, smell, colour and whether it evokes any pictures or situations. You should be able to hold it long enough to let the feeling of it penetrate your entity, but it shouldn’t be causing fear.

When you successfully managed to bring up the complete picture a few times based on monitoring your emotions you may want to move on to point 2 of the excercise which is the tracing back journey. While picturing your barrier's feeling, colour, placement and so forth you will at one point gather enough power or courage to let it "take over". Then you will find yourself transported back to the time where the imprint occured. Which can be in this life or in an other.

Behind the Barriers

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